7 Unique DIY Summer Ideas for Kids


6. T-Shirt Pillows

Everybody has some favorite clothing items, but while adults can wear those till they turn to rags, kids often grow out of them faster. Are they unhappy about that favorite T-shirt becoming too small? Turn it into a decorative pillow for their room, and unhappy kids into happy kids instantly!

Just slip it over a small pillow, and while you can certainly sew the bottom of the T-shirt together if you like, you can simply leave it like it is for a super-easy, no-sew DIY project that takes just a few seconds of your time.

Alternatively, tie the sleeves and the bottom corners of the T-shirt with ribbons, lace, loom bands bracelets, or whatever else you consider matching. Kids love the result, anyway, but if you choose not to sew anything, the pillows can “borrow” any of their T-shirts, not just those that are not wearable anymore.