7 Unique DIY Summer Ideas for Kids


4. Hammock for Soft Toys

This is really easy when you have the main thing already mentioned above – some point A and point B that the two ends of a scarf or a piece of cloth can be tied to. Now, what if you don’t (or they are all taken by “lines” already)?

Wrap a scarf around the footboard of the bed, or wrap and tie a piece of thick elastic band around the door, then tie the ends of the scarf to it. You can also mask the elastic band with another scarf or a piece of cloth. The hammock for soft toys is ready!

Please note these weigh more than dolls’ clothing, so pick the smallest ones if you are relying on the elastic band only. If you are using something stronger, like a wall coat rack or hooks, any bigger ones and even dolls or toy cars are welcome. This is also a great idea for the entryway or mudroom if the wall looks bare because the coats have been put away.

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