7 Unique DIY Summer Ideas for Kids


3. Decorating the Room

You don’t have to paint the walls a different color to give the kids’ room a fresh look – adding a few details can instantly delight its owners, especially when they make the decorative elements themselves. This dolls’ clothing line will make any usual drawer look great – or any other spot where you can safely fix a string between point A and point B (shelves, doors, storage boxes, curtains, etc.)

It may actually be used not only in the rooms blessed with dolls and girls, but for creatively displaying anything you like – ornaments for holiday or party decoration, small toys, photos, drawings, pictures cut out of magazines, letters to form a motivational word or a phrase.

Just make sure such lines don’t get in the way when moving around or accessing things, as some kids may want to cover an entire room with these, like spiders. If they do, you can suggest another similar project to them: